V3 textures/MATs with Genesis?

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Will Genesis ever take V3 (Gen 3) textures, MATs, skins, etc?


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    ragaray said:
    Will Genesis ever take V3 (Gen 3) textures, MATs, skins, etc?

    I doubt it. Most of those textures won't look very good in either current versions of DS or Poser. Lighting in both programs has gotten much more accurate since the V3 timeframe. A lot of them had effects burned into the jpg to make up for deficiencies in the lighting system.

    If there are V3 skins you want to use, your best bet will be Texture Converter.

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    Also, the skin is split between the different maps in different ways on the third and fourth/fifth generation figures - as a result there are probably regions that would need bits of both the head and body maps from the third generation set, which isn't possible within a single material zone (at least, not without help from Shader Mixer using a Mix brick). Texture Converter to any fourth geenration figure, then apply that to Genesis would work.

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