Help With Genesis Starter Essentials1.3 SOLVED

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Total Noob at Daz Studio alert ;-)

Ive downloaded and installed with serial number Daz Studio 4.5 and the Genesis Starter Essentials 1.3 and cant seem to get any clothing, hair, skin color (texture) to show up, ive got the body form and can click through to change the sex etc, found the quickstart in the docs folder (which doesn't show in the start menu and IMHO should for noobs like me) and followed through on that and got the form to work but can not get any of the other things to show up, or is it that the Genesis figure is all thats included?



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    Is this the new that was just released this week?

    That has an updated starter pack: Genesis Starter Essentials 1.4

    There is probably a reset download waiting for you or perhaps an email with a link.:-)

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    No it was the version I downloaded from the shop a few days ago, ive found the problem, it was the quickstart manual! thats probably why it wasnt in the start menu. There are tabs on the right of the screen, one of which is content, all the bits that I couldn't find are in there. The quickstart states a totally different place, wardrobe?
    Thanks though for the headsup on the update, ill see if I can find it.


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