DAz studio 4.5 RC1

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I have now attempted download of the new 64 bit pc 4.5 release candidate 1, three times, and each time I try to extract the files from the archive I get file corrupt messages. I am running windows 7 and using the latest version of Winrar archiver to open the zip files.
Am I the only one having this problem?


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    I can't say that you're the only one, because no doubt there are others - but they may not post in the forum. However, I downloaded it a couple days ago and it extracted and installed fine for me. Now, that might well be because I was lucky, caught the server on a quiet moment, missed the Daz gremlins while they were on a tea break, or lost my chance to win the lottery by trading for a lucky download.

    In cases where you get a corrupt download, it's always worth flushing out your browser cache before trying again as the previous download often lives in the cache in there and just boogers up the replacement. IE and it's clones are particularly guilty of that little trick.

    Other than that, I can't really suggest much, except that Daz have been experiencing problems with their web cache and that may affect downloads (not certain on that one, but I guess it's possible.)

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    I'm re-downloading the RC to see if it is the same problem, but you might want to try my utility


    To see if it will resolve the issue.


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    No problems downloading either. Are you using a download manager?

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    The 4.5 RC is affected by the same download problem as the other files from DAZ at the moment.

    Depending on your situation, the zip file may, or may not, decompress. If it doesn't, get my utility (listed above in this thread) and run it against the zip file. The utility file is only about 1M in size.

    See this thread (http://www.daz3d.com/forums/discussion/865/) for more info.


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