want to save my-figure with morphs what I need for my-figure(suggestion)

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I think genesis is the basematerial for every character for eachuser but after user decide tthe shape and make character with many morphs as "myfigure1", most of other character morphs has actually no means about the character.

so I hope when I load one character, I just cotroll one morph which has same name of the character and genesis base.
or hope fix the one character morph default value. if you truned zero-figre, I never hope it turned base genesis shape.
just turned to what I made and saved the shape with zero pose.

after I decide the shape of character,
I need not think most of other character morphs and cotnroller about my character 1.

at same time, If I feel there is need to more customize for my character 1,
I want to choose the moprhs as material from all I get before,
I just use them for adjusting the shape of my character more better.

step1 decide character shape with many other character morph or shape adjust morphs.(now we can this)

step2 it is not perfect but I want to move it now,, save the file as new character for myself eg my-cute1

step3 when I load my-cute1, it has so simple few morphs about shaping. on this time, there is no need any more almost of
other character morphs.

now I can concentrate how make pose . or when I set pose , there seems need more improvements about each pose,
the pose can not follow mycharacter shape. I just think about how to correct it, (simply make other morphs, MCM or PDM or,,)

I must check manypose or many expressment face morph, and may need tweak them,,,
then save customized each pose or expression for my-cute 1 pose and expression.

after i customized the pose ,I need not anymore the oirginal pose ctrl for my-cute1.
she need not act as genesis laugh ,act as genesis angry, act as genesis wink.
she need just poses and expresiion which fit to her truely.

step4 when I feel my-cute 1 need to tweak more, I can inject other morphs to adjustment and more customize
" my-cute 1", or just load dear old genesis.duf which stuck every morphs and controller i get before.
first apply my-cute1 presets or just turn my-cute1 morph value 1, then try to tweak shapes again.

step 5 if I made another character 2, " my-cute 1", morph become just one of material for make character2.
or more customize character2.


so if one products need many other morphs and they decide the value, it is just noisance and embarassed for user.
(but I understand why DAZ need the system,, but I hope for more improvements about usability,
it is pity,, daz studio must can do it.)

now every character eg your makeing favorite your own character is just transformation figure temporary of genesis
with many many morphs for the stuff. it is not good for userside.

I think user will must need to save character true means.

in daz studio, I think character-making steps and decide pose-act steps are mixed up about many files

so I think it cause more difficulty when make the clothing which really fit to "your character".

fist I think to wirte it on http://www.daz3d.com/forums/discussion/8182/
Rkane topic, but if I embarassed him about out of his topic,, so I made new topic,
this is suggesiton for new ds 5 or plug-in, but I think they must need in future.

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