Dynamic Fur for Ursus Arctos

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I'm not entirely happy with it, but I'm satisfied enough and want to lay this project to rest so I'm calling it done. This is dynamic hair for Ursus Arctos (http://www.daz3d.com/shop/ursus-arctos). It is free to use, though not all that useful if you don't have Ursus Arctos. The hair can be obtained from ShareCG.

1000 x 750 - 62K
1000 x 750 - 52K
1000 x 750 - 52K


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    You know, for some reason, the close up looks better than the longer shots.

    Could it just be the hair is too uniform and looses detail at a distance?

    I don't use Carrara, but it almost looks like the shader needs some tweaking, rather than the hair itself, which from the close up, looks pretty darn good.

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    If the hair were too uniform it would appear poor in a close up. Its a matter of the scale at which things are done that affects the close up versus the long shot -- for example, setting high clumping can look poor at close range when it looks great at long.

    The hair itself is made up of hexagonal strands with a thickness set for the hair (not affected by the shader). As a rule of thumb you want fewer, larger hairs for more distant shots than close up. You also need more segments the larger each hair strand will be.

    Because most of the tweaking is required for closer in shots that is what i focused on: more distant you can get by with much lower hair counts, exaggerate the thickness difference between root and tip, and generally lower hair counts etc. as noted. I could've provided hairs for that as well, but this is free :)

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