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I am particularly interested in 2 of SkyNet3020 ships to use in DS2.3:

Allied Fleets Frigate:
Paklet Frigate:

Has anyone used either of these in DS2 without issue? It says its "compatible" with DS3+ but im unsure as to what exactly that means.

Any ideas anyone?



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    Both of them state "Software that can import OBJ files -OR- 3DS MAX 2008+ - OR - Poser 5+ / Daz Studio 3+"

    DS1 and DS2 are can import OBJ.

    It state on the product page that there are poser formats included. Since its Poser 5+ you should be ok. I really doubt you will have an issue.

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    Im assuming the ship has moving parts (bay doors, canon turrets, etc.) hence the need for the poser version. But like you stated, when i saw it supported Poser 5+, i hoped it would be fine for DS2; even though its states DS3+.



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