Force select tool to override move?

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Hello everyone!
I have what I am sure is a Carrara 101 issue that I can't quite figure out. In the vertex room how do you force
the select tool to be "select" ( poly's vertex etc ) rather then a " Move " tool. If I want to select lets say objects contained in a plane
If I select from outside the plane and drag over it is a select tool. But if I start by selecting inside the plane it is a move tool.
The only option I see it to not drag but shift click to add objects, kinda time consuming. Is the a way to drag the mouse and only select
not move? ( Hold alt etc ?)
Second question. Sometimes when select I select on the plane I want but other times it selects through to another plane.
An example would be selecting edges on a cube in the vertex room. Sometime I want to select the edge on the front face. Sometimes the selection goes through to the rear face. This can be a good thing , but sometimes not. How can I control this behavior?
Carrara Pro 6
Thank You!


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