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I currently use EditPad Lite, and on occasion, Notepad++, but I can't seem to locate in either of them, how to preview the html in a web browser (to ensure the code is correct).

Can anyone suggest a free editor that DOES contain a preview of what the html will look like on the web? I know I used to have one a long time back, adn I can remember the preview was IN hte editor,but I can't for the life of me remember the name of it.


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    I use PSPad and it has an in browser HTML preview PSPad

    and it's free

    Hope this helps... :)

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    In Notepad++, select 'Run' from the main menu bar, and it gives you a list of Browsers tt run it in.

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    Hey Jaki, I don't use a freeware HTML editor, but I've always hated Notepad since my very first Win 95 computer, so I searched for and found NoteTab, which "can" be used as an HTML editor, and they have 3 versions, one of which is free. Oh and a nice feature is, if you close Note Tab and need to pick up with something you were working on, just leave it open when you close the app, and the file (or files) you were working on will open up again, and each file will be in it's own tab, just like your browser. Also, F8 will open the page in your browser, though you will have to set up which browser you prefer to use (and an alternate if you wish) through View > Options > Internet.

    Check out Note Tab Lite here -->

    That said, several members of my web designers list use PSPad and like it a lot. I've not tried it, but I trust these folks' opinions, so if you want to go with that instead, I don't think you'll go wrong. I'm not famliar with WeBuilder to comment on it.

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