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Posted: 19 September 2012 06:32 PM   [ Ignore ]
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So I’ve done like a million different combinations of shaders trying to get my rigs where I want them to be, and it wasn’t until I used YAToon alongside Pro Toon that I was finally happy with the result.

YAToon worked for a lot of the soft textures, but Pro Toon is able to give hard surfaces those really harsh contrasts.

Pro Toon’s renderer (not shaders), for me, is nice on solid objects (buildings, props, etc), but for people I’m not convinced it’s the right choice. I’d have to do a lot of post work with it in order for it to look good, so for now I’m just using it on flat renders that I can pop in behind characters in post.

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I tend to agree on Toon Pro’s renderer. I like using it for handling scenes, then I’ll use DAZ Studio’s pwToon on my figures and photoshop everything together.

I haven’t used YAToon. What do you think of it? I’ve tried looking around for it but I haven’t had any luck finding it.

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Btw, does anyone have the the Yatoon Carrara 8 plugins?
Site is offline and I would like to mirror them at CarraraCafe.



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