Which of these are Poser files?

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If you know me, you probably noticed most of my promos are sans humans, except for Poser's goofy Simon in different T-shirts... I've been meaning to install the Mill clan in Poser pro 2010 for a while, but the last time I tried to do so it was in P7 and that did not go so well... I did not understand the installers (not that I do now)... as a matter of fact I've only ever installed Mike and Vicky in DAZ Studio 2.-something-whatever the last version was....
Yeah... I've been avoiding this for some time.

A long time ago I downloaded the Mill clan to my many External HDs in case of Zombie apocalypse and now I want to install them in Poser Pro 2010... Only problem is I'm not sure which ones I need, which ones are DS only and which is a Poser installer...
I'm on a Mac, so maybe for a Windows machine the file code numbers are different, but for example with M4 complete and Victoria 4.2 Complete here, it is not so clear which is which... I'm betting the ones like "ps_pe069_Victoria4DS" is a DAZ Studio Installer, but is "ps_pe069_Victoria4MAC" the Poser installer?
If it is, why the hell couldn't be "ps_pe069_Victoria4Poser" or something OBVIOUS like that... too easy?
I googled every variant of this question and I suppose I'm a complete idiot because nobody seems to have ever asked this before...

Anyway, thanks for looking and possibly for answering...

PS... If there is a thread or any tutorial for this topic you know of, that you have a link to... I'd be happy with that too/instead/in addition to.. Thanks.

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    I'd not bother with anything ending in DS or having _ds_ in the file name. All the rest (name ending in Ps or having _dpc_ in name) are, I think, Poser format. The 'rogue' files, such as ps_pe069_Victoria4MAC I'd install on the basis that stuff tends to be Poser format by default, with DAZ Studio stuff being extras or add-ons.

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    I may be able to help. See, back in the day, you could choose which OS system you had and you would only be given those installers which worked with your particular OS...so... I am GUESSING that when you downloaded these files, you had the downloads set to MAC versions and you only downloaded MAC versions of the software. So... (Just guessing still) I am thinking that when these were created, they were named DS version and Poser /Carrara/other Version and the "other one (for poser on a MAC) was just called MAC.

    However, if you have doubt about it...and just want to make sure you get the correct versions, you should be able to find them in your order history and just reset them... only trouble is, now you will get both versions for PC and MAC and will have to be careful to download the correct one.

    If I were to guess, I would guess that the versions that you have that say "MAC" are actually the Poser versions for MAC system....but this is only a guess.

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    I suppose then that anything not "ds" is "universal"... Could "dpc" be "Daz-Poser-Content"?... Ah, I'll just do it this way, your suggestions seem sound... You folks HAVE to know better than me, My DS 2 runtime is/was a horrible mess.

    Thanks for the help!

    EDITED TO ADD- Having the subject of ds/dpc brought up, I Goggled "what does dpc stand for in DAZ installers" and found this:

    What a difference phrasing it that way makes... I would of never found that otherwise...

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    Glad I could help! ....and... Good to know the other stuff, too! :) Thanks for sharing it!

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