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The bedroom - props and lights
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  This is what makes me so excited about working in Daz and asking so many questions and experimenting until I get it right. THis is a bedroom scene with the Bedroom set from Lafayette Bedroom and track lights (from Home One LR). I just LOVE how it came out. THe lamps on the tables are lit up with the point linear light, I got them right into the center of the bulb, and turned the intensity down to 50%. THe best thing I have learned about lighting is to back off the intensity and on figures like Brock or even here change the light to diffuse and I get much better softer smoother results. I had to post this cause I love it, and maybe it’ll help others. Check your lighting, it makes a difference.  Also as you’re working keep doing the renders in simple frames or in animation still frames, so you can keep checking how the scene is progressing, especially with the lighting because the results are not the same as when you’re working.

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Nice render!

One thing you could try is to set the lights to a warmer color. Household tungsten lights are generally yellow-orange.