Carrara 6 (Mac) Vanishing UI text?

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I don't have frequent use of 3D animation, but with a deadline coming up, I fired up the old Carrara 6, and found that all the text in the user interface has vanished. The software probably still works, but without being able to see what I'm doing, I'm sort of in the dark.

Re-installing is not an option, because the installer is a PPC application which I can no longer run. And budget doesn't allow upgrading to a new version right now.

Is there any sort of a fix? Might I need to reinstall the font that the UI uses? Or can I change it to a different font?

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    I seem to remember that this issue was caused by a change in the default font by Apple. All you have to do is change the font that Carrara uses for it's menus. Unfortunately since you can't read any of Carrara's menus it's a little difficult. I've attached a couple of screen shots that should guide you through it. Count the menu items from the top to get to the correct selections. Go to Preferences under the File menu, then select Interface Font. Choose another font until you find one that works.

    There was also a way to edit the .plst files that was posted in the old forum. If this doesn't work you might want to search it.

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    Thank you! I'll have to wait a bit to give this a try, but this looks simple enough to fix (after a bit of fumbling).

    Thanks again.

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    I remember this from a few years ago.

    If I recall, all you need to do is delete your preferences file. Then C will make a new one on restart, with a usable font.

    Hope it helps and good luck with that deadline!

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    Might help to know what version of OS and the hardware.

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    This font problem began occurring with Carrara 6 and early 7 versions after the Mac OS Leopard update.

    Go to your home folder and locate Library/Preferences/DAZ 3D/Carrara 6/Preferences.txt
    Make a duplicate of the "Preferences.txt" file as a backup, just in case.

    Open Preferences.txt in a text editor such as "TextEdit".

    Inside the Preferences.txt file, search for the following line:
    FONT ""

    Replace the line with the following:
    FONT "Geneva"

    Re-save the file making sure that it is saved as a plain text file and not a "rich text" file.

    Re-launch Carrara. The text should now be visible.
    You can change the font to something else if you wish by using the Carrara preferences.

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