Expressions not transferring from DAZ Studio to Carrara

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I'm using C8.5 beta and DAZ Pro.

Inside Studio, I created a new Aniblock for Genesis that included movements and also facial expressions (via Expressions for Genesis as opposed to moving any sliders for squinting, brow up/down etc). I also manually created a few blink motions by lowering the upper eyelid.

Using the Aniblock importer, I brought the animation into C8.5 beta.

The overall motions were pretty well preserved, but neither the blinks nor the facial expressions show up at all.

I'd also made individual Aniblocks for just the facial expressions and a separate one for just the blinks. Tried bringing those in separately, but they still have no effect.

Any idea why this is happening and if there's a way around it (other than making the necessary changes within Carrara itself, which is what I'll start doing while waiting for a reply)?



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    facial morphs broken on Genesis last beta.
    try the previous one,
    will work with same serial
    I still think it would easier to do in Carrara though, actually never tried bringing them over from studio.
    I am having big issues with multi figure duf files not working btw but since I am not using the last beta, cannot really post about it!

  • Mosk the ScribeMosk the Scribe Posts: 731
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    Thanks for the info Wendy. Didn't know if I was doing something wrong or if there was a known workaround.

    I'll just recreate in Carrara since going back to the previous version would probably run me into another problem anyway. :smirk:

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