Things you may not know about Genesis and DAZ Studio 4

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The public release of DAZ Studio 4 Advanced and Pro with Genesis is here. There are a number of things you may want to know about this latest advance in DAZ 3D technology. In the thread below, we will highlight a few of the many outstanding features of Genesis and DAZ Studio 4 as included in DAZ Studio 4 Advanced and Pro.

Genesis Features
For example,

Did you know that Genesis is the ultimate customizable figure?
Genesis allows you to start from a base figure and create the widest variety of custom shapes imaginable.
You can blend any or all of the Genesis shapes in an endless variety of proportions to create just the look and shape you desire.
You can customize and change the shape of the body, face, ears, nose, hands, feet... not by tediously modeling them, but just by dragging morph sliders to your heart's content.

See a video here: Introducing DAZ 3D's Genesis Figure

Did you know that Genesis has optimized skin textures?
Genesis allows you to use a wide variety of skin textures to adjust for different shapes. For example, if you change the head shape to a dog's head on a regular figure, the textures would stretch and smear. With Genesis, the content creators who created the dog shape can add a custom skin texture with alternate UV's as a "smart-preset" which will fix all the stretching and smearing automatically.

See a video here: DAZ Studio 4 Optimized Skin Textures

Did you know that Genesis has more realistic joints than any previous DAZ 3D figure?
Anyone who has used a 3D model has seen elbows, knees, and shoulders that look flat, wrinkled, or oddly bulged when you try to pose the figure.
The Genesis figure uses something called the "Tri-Ax" weight map system that allows the mesh to bend and shape correctly even when you use extreme poses. While extreme shapes is nothing new, the ability for a single joint setup to work with extreme shapes and handle changes in body proportions without being manually adjusted is entirely new.

See a video here: Genesis Figure - Better Rigging

Did you know that Genesis employs Sub-Division Surfaces?
This means that your figure looks great no matter how close the camera in the view port is to your figure. The closer the camera gets, the smoother the skin gets allowing you to make perfectly smooth renders. Not only that, but the Genesis sub-division surface technology allows you to add more figures into your scene without bogging down your machine when the figures are further from the camera and require less detail.

Did you know that Genesis has automatic clothing fits?
For the first time ever, Genesis allows you to use your 3D clothing on all the shapes you buy or create. Other figures required that you buy new clothing or fits for every new shape that comes along. Now, you can buy an outfit made for Genesis as a faerie dress and that dress will automatically fit other Genesis shapes that come out or that you create by blending the shapes you have.

Did you know that Genesis enables morph sharing?
Genesis lets you share morphs among all your favorite figure shapes. Morphs allow you to change the base shape in one way or another. If you have a set of facial expression morphs, you can use those same expressions on all the different Genesis figures that you buy buy or create.

DAZ Studio 4 Features

Did you know that DAZ Studio 4 has "Smart Content?"
All the new content being developed for Genesis and beyond shows up in the Smart Content tab and is based on what you have selected in the view port. So if you have the shirt on the figure selected, you can see all the textures/materials available. You don't have to look all over the run-times any more.

See a video here: DAZ Studio 4 Smart Content

Did you know that DAZ Studio 4 has "Search Filters?"
Many of the new tabs have "Search Filters which means for example, that you can enter "arm" in the shape tab filter to see all the arm morphs available. You just have to select the figure in the view port and in the Editor select All. You can also search for content this way. By typing in the filter field the name of a product or even a partial name, the tool will search and present what it finds.

See a video here: DAZ Studio 4 - Filter Tool or Search help

Did you know that DAZ Studio 4 shows me all of the morphs that are "Currently Used?"
DAZ Studio 4 shows you at a glance all the morphs applied to your figure. If you want to dial back some specific morphs, you don't have to go looking through the long list of dials to find the one that matters. You simply check the "Currently Used" list in both the Shaping and Parameters Tab. This saves you a lot of time and frustration fine tuning your figures.

See a video here: DAZ Studio 4 - Currently Used List

Did you know that DAZ Studio has Smoothing and Collision Detection?
DAZ Studio 4 has tools to help fit hard-to-fit clothing items to a figure. If a clothing item doesn't fit perfectly to a Genesis shape or even a previous generation figure, you can use Smoothing and/or Collision Detection to better fit the item to the figure. You don't have to worry about re-modeling or simply not being able to use the item. Just another tool that makes DAZ Studio 4 so versatile and to help you be more productive.

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