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ACIS for M4, does anyone know if it includes the beer belly morph?

MistyMistMistyMist Posts: 21,187
edited December 1969 in The Commons

Beer belly morph? ACIS for M4

or luv handle morph as i prefer to call it.



  • jestmartjestmart Posts: 2,608
    edited December 1969

    Love Handles and Belly morphs are two very different morphs. Belly is self explanatory, Love handles are flabby areas on the sides of the waist just above crest of the hip. What software are you using? There are ways to add morphs to clothing, some are stand alone utilities and some are software specific.

  • MistyMistMistyMist Posts: 21,187
    edited December 1969

    if the morph is included would help me decide which outfit to buy.

    can't get 'em all, unless my lottery ticket is a winner. Mikey needs a new pair of shoes ... or thigh boots.

  • SpyroRueSpyroRue Posts: 4,880
    edited December 1969

    You should try manly men for M5... There be some bellies in that one lol

  • MistyMistMistyMist Posts: 21,187
    edited December 1969

    i like the thigh boots. won't need luv handles to wear the boots. :) in the cart. wheee

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