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I have been trying to decide if I need to update PFHoe to their new Motion tracker. They have a special upgrade price since they are EOLing PFHoe.

I have started trying to look into using Blender since it now has motion tracking, however I haven’t really used blender and am just scratching the surface. I have a little bit of time before the window on the upgrade expires.

I wanted to see if anyone has used the Blender Motion Tracking and if it is good enough, and if the data is exportable.

I primarily use Carrara and Hit Film.

I originally posed in the Commons but there are probably more people here who might have some experiece with this.


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    IMO, the camera tracking in Blender is surprisingly good. I even tried compositing CG into a handheld shot and it came out fine.

    Somewhere I think I saw a video on it...not sure where...maybe Andrew Price? But you really should try it to see if it meets your needs. Really, success with that kind of thing depends a lot on how successful it is with tracking your particular shot, which can vary. And it also depends a bit on your skill with choosing tracking points. So trying it is probably the best way, rather than taking someone's word for it.

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