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Beta bug when moving keyframes

EyosEyos Posts: 114
edited December 1969 in Carrara Discussion

A couple of beta 8.05 bugs:
1) I move keyframes, however the actions that are related to those keyframes stays in the original positions, where there are now no keyframes. Cannot solve this issue so far (restarting Carrara does not help).
2) The Sequencer zoom tool sometimes turns into 'hand' icon and will not zoom. I need to quite Carrara and start it again to resolve it.

I'm using Windows 7 64 Bit, Carrara 172.


  • evilproducerevilproducer Posts: 8,493
    edited December 1969

    Is this the same issue you had in the other thread you started? You might get more responses in one thread than starting multiple threads. Did you try creating a new account/sign-in for the bug tracker? I know it's a PITA but filing a bug report will also be more effective in the long run. Who knows? Maybe someone has reported the same bug and you can add your voice to it.

  • EyosEyos Posts: 114
    edited December 1969

    I will report it in the bug tracker.
    I actually wanted it to appear under the 8.5 Beta thread, but pressed the wrong button (the late hour I guess).

  • EyosEyos Posts: 114
    edited December 1969

    It seems that bug #1 that I reported regarding key-frame moving is my mistake, so disregard this bug report. I need it to work correctly in my current project, so I'm very happy to see that it's not the software fault, but my operation.
    The other 2 bugs that I reported are still valid, but I can live with them.

  • evilproducerevilproducer Posts: 8,493
    edited December 1969

    Glad you figured out the keyframe issue. Bummer about the other bugs. Hopefully they'll be resolved.

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