Lost some Morphs during 4.5 upgrade

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First, kudos to Daz for 4.5. I'm still new at this, but it seems that a lot of things are smoother/easier than they were before.

That said, I was working on a new scene and wanted to adjust the navel on Genesis. Well, I find one slider under shapes for 'Navel', but that is all that is there now. I know I had like width, height and other settings. Some other things are gone as well and I'm betting it is just one package that needs to be reinstalled.

So, does anyone offhand know which package includes these navel morphs?


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    I have some under Actor > Upper Body, and they are Navel, Navel/Depth/Hollow/Horizontal/Out/Size/Vertical, seven in all. I will try to find out where they came from


    There are also some Navel ones in the converted DieTrying morphs from ShareCG, Navel Big/Down/Hor/Protrusion/Vert

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    Thanks Jimmy. That sounds like the group I had. There also now is only nipple, whereas before there were aeorla morphs, several nipple morphs, diameter I think it was, depth, volume or something. My list is a lot shorter than it was. I'm pretty sure this came in from something I bought from Daz.

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    These are all in the Evolution Body Morphs package :

    ◦Navel Depth
    ◦Navel Hollow
    ◦Navel Horizontal
    ◦Navel Out
    ◦Navel Size
    ◦Navel Vertical

    And some of the nipple morphs as well.

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    Take a look at this similar thread: http://www.daz3d.com/forums/discussion/6338/

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