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Tutorials with David and Horo
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@Mark:  Hi res, low res, it’s still a very good render.  About the only thing I can sense is a very slight color difference in the lettering of the two.  And I do mean slight.  Still, I’m going to have to try that pill tutorial and see if I can’t become a pill.  However…

Besides trying to learn more about the DTE, thanks to the Bryce 7 Artist Guide, and information Horo provided, both sent and through a link in the Bryce Open Source thread, I’ve been going through the information at this site, .  And when real life tasks were taken care of I’ve been trying to glue together the child’s pull toy.  It isn’t really involved, but it’s a learning project for me all the same.

It is still a work in progress, but I’ve gotten this far off and on.  It still has to have a few more items placed in the bed, a rope of some kind, lighting, and a few other things I’m going to try.  But here it is in it present condition.

And I would suggest going to the Bryce Open Source thread and find Horo’s post with the DTE document link.  It’s a mountain of information.

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