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Med Light…?!?
Posted: 18 September 2012 09:45 AM   [ Ignore ]
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Hi and thanks for running this thread, L. Been following with interest and have picked up lots of tips and tricks thus far…

My prob: I have just purchased Stonemason’s amazing Streets of the Mediterranian, and want to create some really nice Mediterranian sky sunlight lights… I have been experimenting (with blues and white etc) but wanted to know from a pro like yourself how you would go about creating such a light set up…!?!
I also have been getting dark oblong shaped artefacts on some of the roof tiles and floor slabs when using Raytraced (my norm for years now) with AO checked - to give me some of those nice dirty nodes for added realisim. I think the AO is causing the problem, as when I switch off (AO) and increase the shadow minimum bias the problem goes away.

I use the aged Poser 6 software by the way…

Tony D

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Usually the artefacts with AO are caused by self shadowing. Increase the shadow min bias on your RT light a it and see if this helps. If you increase it too much, you loose the shadow details, so you have to experiment here