Building a a walk cycle with Aiko 3 [WIP]

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so, Im working on a simple game. It uses pre-rendered sprites, Im using some stuff from the Anime Star Fighter starter bundle, so pretty much everyone can follow along if they like. Im in Carrara, Im using the last stable version, 8.1.1, build 12 I think.

I have my preferences reset and I have built up a figure to use for making sprites, I have a scene, with aiko dressed and in her default 'T-Pose'. You can probably use most any figure you want, Im just using this because it suits my project. Since everyone has access, you can follow along if you want. Im using the following page as a template:

Im also going to reference a few other pages that are relevant. you might find some help here too:

dont forget google images :
google image search
^^yaah! whatta link!

my character in a few poses

ok, so here is my basic setup:

Ill continue in the next post

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    ok, so, lots of fun so far today, I was able to get a few frames rendered and here is what we have so far:

    you can see in the attachments that I have a plane with the reference image on it where I can see it and move it around and a simple walk cycle that still needs some work. Tomorrow, Ill clean that up and go over step by step how I did it.

    make sure to click on the gif to see it, it doesnt move to the web well for some reason, its also very fast on the web, and smooth on my computer

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