Riley Hair Problems in DS 4.5

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I find that any hair with bangs that gets put on Riley has morph problems around the eyes, like the bangs are attempting to follow the curvature of the eye socket. The hair models also automatically have "collide with" set, which if I set to "none" makes things worse.

Is anyone else experiencing these problems in 4.5? Does anyone have a fix?

Thank you for your help :)


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    Select the hair in the scene tab. Select Show Hidden Properties in the menu on the parameters tab. Try zeroing out one or more hidden morphs in the section Actor->Head->Face->Eyes. I had a similar problem with PH Crazy hair on a model that was a modified Riley (other dials spun, too). I changed PHMEyelashesHideLayer from 100% to 0% to solve my problem. Note, you can't just reset the morph value, you must set it to 0.

    Take a look at this thread

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