How can I build a roof with one shape tool?

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I am trying to build a roof for my property which has a ridge on it instead of a pyramid
At the moment I have to use a cube rotated to form the ridge and two pyramids to form the ends.

Is there another shape tool or a way to group the three objects together as one item.


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    I have tried to use another cube rotated for the roof and want to lock it to the cube created for the building.

    I want to lock these together so that they can be moved and scaled as a single object.

    Can they be linked and scaled as one later?

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    The texture I have used for the roof block has several problems...

    1. It is orientated diagonally at the gable end instead of horizontally.
    2. The bricks are too big - is there a way of making them smaller.
    3. The bricks are too red - how can I change the colour?

    Thanks in advance for any feedback


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    To group items, just select them in combination and then click the little "G" square that appears in the icons alongside. The items become a group that can be moved and resized as one. The "G" turns into a "U", which you can click to ungroup the group.

    Note that you can still select an item individually within a group if you want to change it.

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    In the abscence of a Bryce manual, I recommend acquiring "Real World Bryce 4" by Susan Kitchens and Victor Gavenda (ISBN 0-201-35438-1). Being three versions behind, it won't cover the latest features - but it will provide you with comprehensive guidance for these basic questions. It also covers a lot of creative ways of working with Bryce that are still applicable today.

    Since you've stated that money is tight for you, I've checked for used copies on Amazon and very good condition examples go for as little as $1.24 plus $3.99 shipping.

    Apart from Bryce itself, this is likely to be your best Bryce bargain.

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    Agreed, Susan's book could be used as a definition for the word "comprehensive"! Mine cost me a bit more, but not as much as Horo's cost him - as he is want to remind me somewhat bitterly.

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    Just ordered it from Amazon... 2 days it should be here.
    7 pounds UK

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