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I am trying to find a way to keep everything as it is in Frame 0, but clear the rest of the timeline. I'd like to accomplish this without going through all of the parts and deleting frames. Any ideas?

Thanks :)


  • Richard HaseltineRichard Haseltine Posts: 20,538
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    Assuming this is DAZ Studio, if you go to frame 0, select your figures and then right-click on the tab of the Parameters pane and pick Clear Animation>Clear figure that should work.

  • bxochoabxochoa Posts: 5
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    Yes, that worked! Thanks for the help.

    BTW, sorry for forgetting to include the program i'm working with.

  • masi3veemasi3vee Posts: 229
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    I'm having the same problem, but getting a different (unwanted) result. In aniMate Lite, I want to keep what I have at frame 0, but clear everything after it to start another animation from that point. Following Richard's recommendation zeros everything completely instead of restoring me to frame 0. Any way around this?


  • JaderailJaderail Posts: 0
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    In Animate you just Delete all AniBlocks beyond your first block. The Default in Animate for a Zero Timeline is the Figure in the T pose. Only the first Aniblock added will effect the figure, setting the pose to the first frame of the first AniBlock loaded. If you had AniMate2 you could CUT the first block to have only Frame 1 in it and then add blocks after that.

  • masi3veemasi3vee Posts: 229
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    Thanks, Jaderail... I was afraid of that. See, I started with a previous still scene... not a default T pose, and I'm not using aniblocks. I was trying to avoid taking a $60 plunge for an experiment, but I might have to if I want to investigate animation any further to see if it's for me or not.

  • RuphussRuphuss Posts: 863
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    i've discovered a difference between daz timeline and animate timeline
    in the daz timeline you can delete every note you have selected in the Szene tab at once
    in the animate timeline it deletes only one selected node

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