Trouble loading textures onto objects

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Hi all.

This is real odd.
I have installed Daz 4.03 (64 Bit)
I have used Daz before incidentally, so I know how things operate.

My issue is this.
If I make a prim from within Daz, I can apply textures to the surface thru the surfaces tab.

But if I import an obj file myself (from Lightwave), the object loads fine.
But when I load an image through the surfaces tab as before, (It can even be the same image I used in program) it does not appear on the surface let alone the render!!

What am I doing wrong?
Im not talking about a UV map, just a basic image on a planar surface.

What can be wrong here?

Regards Chris


  • SzarkSzark Posts: 10,211
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    Humm I am thinking out loud but I am sure Lightwave exports with Normals which could be the issue. Blender has the options for turning Normals on and off on Export but I believe LW doesn't.

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    Hi Pete.

    Thanks for that.
    Not really sure about the normals, will need to look into it.

    But have just assigned the image to a UV Map and applied to all surfaces, then used the tiling options to position as required.

    Perhaps this is the only way of doing it from Lightwave.
    A bit long winded I imagine on large scenes but it works.


    Regards Chris

  • Richard HaseltineRichard Haseltine Posts: 43,425
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    You do need to have a UV map assigned to each material in LW before exporting as OBJ, or at least you do in the version I have.

  • scorpio66scorpio66 Posts: 7
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    Hi Admin!!

    Yes, I have just discovered this.

    Im using Lightwave 11, and was unaware of this as Im new to Lightwave!
    Thanks for the prompt reply!

    Regards Chris

  • SzarkSzark Posts: 10,211
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    Sorry I assumed from your opening post that you knew about UVmaps and what they do. My bad. :)

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