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DAZ Studio Pro Beta Release Now Available
Posted: 23 December 2012 06:40 PM   [ Ignore ]   [ # 166 ]
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LeFauve - 18 September 2012 01:20 AM

This is not really encouraging…

I think I’ll stay on 4.0 for a little while longer, but is there any centralized place for information about the progress on DAZ 4.5?
I got the “release” version a while ago ( and from this post I understand there is a newer which is again a beta…

This is kind of disturbing somehow.

Also I didn’t found anywhere any “technical” setup instruction for installing/upgrading to this version (what to install in which order).
I found 2 different versions of Installation-Guide-Windows.pdf but none of them seems to have any contains about upgrading without losing your content.

The download list for my version includes installers for DAZ as well… Should them be installed first for some twisted reason?

Stupid question: I guess it’s not possible to install both 4.0 and 4.5 on the same computer?

EDIT: BTW, This is my first post on this forum smile Hi everybody!

If one is the 32 bit version and the other is the 64 bit version, you can have both on the same computer. I know this is an outdated post, but I saw it and had to respond. I had 4.0 Pro 32 bit installed on my computer, and when I acquired the 4.5 Pro version, I installed its 64 bit version. It did not uninstall the 32 bit 4.0 Pro version, and both ran without any problems. I used the older version to complete the projects i was working on in it to keep them from getting corrupted. After that I ran the uninstaller for 4.0. I have not deleted the product from my hard drive though. I’m keeping it in case there is some unforeseen problem that arises with 4.5.

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