Create higher-level morph from lower-level morphs?

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I'm trying to find ways to pose my characters more easily. I like the idea of the gen 4 and Genesis morphforms or expressions (not sure what the proper name is) such as Frown or Eyes Left-Right. These things are a single slider that control a number of other morphs. The gen 4 and Genesis hands have something similiar - Hand Grasp etc.

I know how to create a morph from a deformer, but how do I create a single morph from a number of lower-level morphs?

Thanks for the help.


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    Hi cridgit...

    It sounds like you want to create Pose Controls... It's fairly simple to do, I'm at work ATM so I can't go into detail but have a look at the docs. They pretty much cover the process

    Creating a Pose Control

    Hope this helps... :)

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    Nicci I love you so much! That is EXACTLY what I want to do.

    I assume I'll be able to distribute my own pose controls as they use the underlying mesh/morphs and hence I won't be redistributing third party IP right? Users will need to have the right meshes and morphs intalled to be able to use my pose controls?

    Whoopee ....

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    **blush** Your very welcome cridgit...

    Yes that shouldn't be a problem as your controller should be saved in your own folder and just reference the other morphs in their folders.
    Anybody else would need to have those morphs.

    Although someone correct me if I'm forgetting something

    nicci... :)

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    I made "wink right eye" morph to adjust my morph face
    as same way when make FBM. (It seems not need any movements of rig)

    I hoped it move as same as other expression moprhs
    (daz grouped face expression, as pose of face (head) node)

    then, first I moved it in property editor under the pose controll catgory ,
    " face node", and saved it.

    but it can only appear when I select genesis node by navigation tool,
    under the category of pose controls/head.(ordinally other head pose morph
    or expression morph is invisible, when I select root node,,)

    I thought all shape morph is FBM (actually meaning) about genesis,
    that I could not select other node as shape morph,,

    then I think , I need to make ctrl morph which just appoint to the FBM
    has no geometery data (with hide property) as pose controll

    actually I made it by tweak dsf files with imitate other expression dsf script code,

    1. make only ctrl file as pose controller and head node.
    2. make reference to PHM (the category is under the posecontroll, and hide property active
    but which seems FBM , only some property change, node or etc,,)

    then if there is more easy way, and I need not tweak dsf or duf?
    just set correctly by property editor or parameter tab,
    you can select the face expression morph as pose controll?

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    Hi Nicci (or anyone else for that matter)

    I've gone through the doc above and it is very clear. But I've run into a situation not covered in the doc and I'd like a little nudge in the right direction please.

    I like the idea of 1 slider for the Genesis Arms Front-Back pose control. Sliding right moves arms front and sliding left moves arms back. I'm trying to do the same thing for Arms Twist Front-Back, but I can only make 1 control (slider) for Twist Forward and 1 for Twist Back.

    How do I combine these 2 into a single slider?


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    Hi cridgit...

    I'm at work ATM and about to go into a 3 hour training lecture....bleh....

    But it's pretty simple, did you open the Parameter Settings for one of your controllers and set the min-max limits for the twist rotation?
    That should give you the Front-Back on the single controller (going by memory here)

    You can also open the Parameter Settings for the existing Arms Forward-Back and look at the controller listing to see how it's linked and the limit settings, you can also look at the links in the Property Editor.

    When I get home I can write up a complete step-by-step for you if you would like...

    nicci... :)

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    I think so too, about pose controller,,(without other shape adjust morph)

    just make pose by rotate each node as you like, for value of Max 1 or (100%)
    and erc freeze ,then when create controller,
    set min -1 to max 1.

    the node rotate opositte ,when slide controller 0 to -1.

    but if cridgit want to change rotation ratio when 0 to 1 and 0 to -1?

    because rotaiton limits must change forwrad and buck,
    eg twist arms move -90 to 45,
    bend 0.5 to 130

    so when one node rotation value reach rimits, if slide controller , the node stop and remain the limits value.

    mypicture is controller for twist and bend arms sametime.
    but 0 to -1, the bend rotation stop quickly. (because it limits is - 0.5)
    so when make pose , if use off rimits, it may move opossitte perfectly.
    but after making controller, if you use off rimits each node rotation, it can not work well. (I tryed it)

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    Hi cridgit...

    Ok here is a step-by-step to create a single Controller for an Arm Twist puts teacher glasses on :P

    1) Load a Genesis figure

    2) Open the Parameters pane and the Property Editor pane

    3) We'll start with the left arm by selecting the Left Shoulder and then set the Twist rotation to the max up or forward value, as if you were twisting the palm up.

    4) Now select the Left ForeArm and set the Twist rotation to the max value. The palm should now be facing up.

    5) Now select Genesis and in the Property Editor click on the Menu and select ERC Freeze...

    6) In the ERC Freeze Options window, set Figure to Genesis, Node to Genesis and for Property click Create New...

    7) A new window will open to create a new control property. Click the Path Defaults drop-down and select Pose Controls/Arms from the list. (if you want to create your own sub-category add it to the end of the path)
    Set the Name: as CTRLArmsTwistUp-DownLeft (or CTRLyournameforit), and the Label: as Arms Twist Up-Down Left (what ever you want to call it)
    The default values should show as zero and min as -1 and max as 1
    Display As Percent is up to you, click Create
    The Freeze Properties should show the rotations that have been changed and they should be checked
    Un-check Apply Control Property and Restore Figure Rigging
    Click Accept

    8) In the Parameters pane under Pose Controls/Arms you should find your pose control slider. Slide it both ways and Genesis' left arm should twist both up and down.

    9) Repeat steps 3 thru 7 for the Right Arm

    10) Now you can also create a Pose controller to twist both arms together. Slide both arm controllers to max (palm up) and repeat steps 5 thru 7 to create a controller for both arms

    11) Now to save your controllers, click File>Save As>Support Asset>Morph Asset(s)...
    Fill in your vender information and Product name, then expand the Properties to Pose Controls and find and check your controllers only.
    Compress files is your option, click Accept
    You will find your new DSF files in data/DAZ 3D/Genesis/Base/Morphs/your vendor folder

    12) That's it. :-)

    If you have any problems, just ask...

    nicci... :)

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    Hi Nicci

    Thank you for the excellent walkthrough. I followed your instructions to the letter and did it! Yay!

    The only thing I noticed was that after creating the CTRL property, sliding to -1 didn't twist the arm back all the way. (Forwards goes to +60 whereas back goes to -70).

    So I manually twisted the arm all the way back, then went into the Property Editor Hierarchy pane, right-clicked the property and selected Set Limits to Extent Recursive. Then I went into Freeze ERC again and clicked Accept again to save the changes.

    I'm not sure which of those two steps did the trick, but after that +1 twisted to +60 and -1 twisted to -70, just as it should.

    I also managed to create a grouped property for both arms. Thank you SO MUCH.

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