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I just installed DS4.5 which i have to admit i am very impressed with. Unfortunately there is always a but attached to anything, though this one may be nothing to do with DS4.5. I have Reality 2, updated for DS4.5 and Inane glory lights. Every time i attempt to use either, Daz crashes. I can set reality up but once i try and render, it leaves town. With IG i just have to open it up and crash. This happens with complex scenes, lone figures and just a simple cube. Any ideas please?


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    File a bug report with detailed information and attach your log file (Help - Troubleshooting - View Log File). Its best if the techs look at this.

    Of course you can scan the log file from the bottom up and if you see anything that looks like an error post it here - maybe someone here knows.

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    The first problem sounds more like a problem with the underlying Luxrender version than Reality.

    System specs...everything,..OS, RAM, CPU, video card.

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    The Inane Glory lights use UberArea, and UA doesn't work in DS4 (yet). The next release will fix it, this week hopefully.

    Also, if I try to use the IG lights designed for DS3, DS4 just goes away with no warning.

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    Pardon my ignorance once again, but I thought from reading in another thread that one of the advantages of the Reality system/plugin is that it doesn't need all the lights usually used in DS, which would include the IG lights among others.

    Clear this up for me please.

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    It doesn't NEED them...but it can still use them.

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