Auto-fit Shoes on Genesis (tips)

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Hi all.
could be that help,,

i found a possible way to fix the wrong auto-fit feature for shoes,,

i thing is no need to wrote,, just check the image...

i put the shoes in the scene, (not on the character) i apply changes and
after fit to > Genesis, i don't do anything more than get screen!

most of shoes work great,, need to find if that work with all type of shoes.

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    next try with boots

    i use the same way as more up

    Additional info’s:
    The character is Genesis> Victoria 5 - supermodel>

    The shoes and boots is old standard V4

    Note all shoes work so easily, but most of them, Yes.

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    Will have to give this a go. Been working on a different approach, especially for heals, but if this works then all my work has been a horrible waste of time lol

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    Thanks for the tips. I've tried this and it works for shoes - thank you!

    I tried the same thing for some outfits that autofit doesn't like but it doesn't work as well for clothes :-(

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    it seems quick way, but it is aslmost same when you just parented the shoe to genesis.

    if you feel "not auto fit" is better, it means "auto-fit" has no means about adjust shape of heel boots or shoes .

    as for me, I use auto-fitted triaxed figure for just donner rig and morph .
    after all, you must need adjust shape by modeler, (I ofthen delete half of them and,
    after reshape copy ,then grouped one shoes)
    and It may need for best pose preset to wear shoes.

    if now you get shoes which can fit -to genesis shape,]
    but you may need if you change the genesis shape with many morphs,
    you must make morph and overwrite morphs for each shape too.
    about shoes , auto-generated morph efefct is far from perfect.

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