Product Container in the Content Library does not show anything

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I have this problem with my Content Library's container view for a week now.

It is very painful to try to search things in the Content Library as my Product container ( it does nothing when I click on it ) tab is not functioning, please help! How can I make it find and show things again?

Thanks in advance!


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    Are you sure that there is nothing showing in the Content Library tab? Or do you mean the Smart Content tab?

    I am not sure what you mean by a 'container'? The Content Library tab should display everything that is on your HDD, whether it has Metadata or not. Smart Content will only diplay items that have Metadata, and even then, only when the Content Management Service (CMS) is running.

    Can you post an image of the Content Library tab please, with DAZ Studio Formats selected?

    If all of your content appeared in there before, what has changed? Did you edit any listings in Preferences?

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    I believe they might mean Products View. Not sure, also a CMS issue maybe.

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