Autofit has duplicate item types in DS4.5?

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Since installing DS4.5 I get duplicates in the autofit item type drop-down, for ALL items EXCEPT dress.

I can't tell whether there is any difference, but is this a problem? Is one old and one new or do they have different purposes?


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    Hi cridget...

    For whatever reason it looks like you still have the .dsf templates in the template folder along with the templates for 4.5 which are in .duf format.

    Go to data/DAZ 3D/Genesis/Base/Projection Templates and check each folder for .dsf files.

    Just remove the .dsf templates and that will get rid of the double listings and you won't end up picking the old templates in AutoFit.

    Hope this helps... :)

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    It helps a LOT, thanks Nicci!

    I found duplicate DSF and DUF files, but in some cases I don't have a DUF file (e.g. Dress has KneeLength.DUF and Tight.DSF). Do I need a DUF for Dress/Tight? I'm starting to wonder if something went wrong with my installation.


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    FWIW: I have only Knee Length.duf in my dress folder. I don't have any .dsf files at all in the Projection Templates subfolders.

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    Hi cridget...

    Your very welcome...

    Dress/Knee Length.duf is tight to the figure and replaces Dress/Tight.dsf

    Ya it's seems like the old templates didn't uninstall for you like they should have.

    Here's what you should have...

    Bodysuit /Loose.duf

    Boots /BootsThigh.duf

    Dress /Knee Length.duf

    Gloves /Tight.duf

    Hair /Long.duf

    Pants /Loose.duf

    Shirt /Tight.duf

    Skirt /Knee Length.duf

    nicci... :)
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    your case is same what I found .
    So I deleted dsf temlplates in data.

    and some of template must make wrong face grouping about some node,
    in ds 4.5 .0. 114

    so if you posing the node ,there will be poke through or unusuall shrinking.

    I checked and confirmed about , bodysuits , gloves, and shut template.
    (and "dress type" too, if you rotate r-coller, you may find the problem)

    developer said, this problem have been removed in next ver of ds 4.5

    so untill it will rerease, I recommend use auto-fit with type "none",
    and use transfer utility with no projection template.

    they seems work well.

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