Problem reloading scenes

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I had to reinstall my Daz Studio. Now, if I load something into the scene, e.g. Genesis figure, everything works fine.
But if I save the scene and try to load it again, I've got the message "files missing".
In the logfile is that DS tried to read from a directory which doesn't exist (and sometimes tries to store on my cd burner):

*** Scene Cleared ***
Opening file Szenes Gen 1.daz...
Unable to find file for storable: data/4_0_2/Genesis/Genesis/geometry/geometry_9e24edb1_464b_839f_fc21_86cbd6b4205a/geometry.dso

Does someone know where DS had stored the information for storage or loading so that I can correct this ?

Thanks in advance

Nice Days and Nice Renders



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    Those files get stored in the Data subfolder of the first DAZ Studio Format content folder. What's the first folder listed in Edit > Preferences > Content Library > Content Directory Manager?

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    thanks for the quick reply.
    Got it, folder listed is
    >> F:3D DAZ/Studio/content <<<br /> drive F: is the read/write cd drive which I used to reinstall the files.

    Will try to correct the base directory and see if it works

    Thanks again


  • atoxicatoxic Posts: 24
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    Thanks again.
    Deleted the entry about directory F:.....
    tested with a scene with Genesis.
    Now everything seems to work fine

    Nice Days and Nice Renders

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