CARRARAS out of gas

My serial number for carrara 8.5 just expired? where can I get a new one!!!!!


  • th3Digitth3Digit Posts: 16,819
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    the sticky on this forum

    To register the Carrara 8.5 Beta you will need to use the serial code listed here: CDZCPRO-085-0000032-TVE-001-EBTOMAG (Expires 01-NOV-2012 )

  • ManStanManStan Posts: 0
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    Man, this is past ridicules and well in to incompetent..

  • tsaristtsarist Posts: 1,085
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    I'm glad they're taking their time with this.

    Maybe by the time they try to get us to pay for it, it will have all of the major bugs and most of the minor bugs worked out.

    They should make those serial number easily available.
    This is the second or third time I have read about people having trouble finding information.

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