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Dazstudio 4 pro crashing when acessing content libary

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Dazstudio 4 pro crashing when acessing content libary
Used to work before dont know what happened


  • Ongoing MomentOngoing Moment Posts: 0
    edited December 1969

    I have had my share of issues with the Content Management Service think I discovered the potential issue which corrupts the data and stops the Sm from working correctly. I have had the CSM crash and stop working many times. I have had to rebuild my Categories library about 5 different times. I wrote a blog article outlining the what seems to cause the problem and how to avoid it.

    My Content Management Service has been problem free since.

    Stella Blue

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    I installed Daz 4.5 and got rid of that problem.But daz 4.5 had other issues so i revert back to 4.0 and now crashes started again

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    In your blog you have mentioned that you deleted some hidden file.May i know which file it was. I need to reinstall CMS again cleanly

  • Ongoing MomentOngoing Moment Posts: 0
    edited September 2012

    There is a hidden folder called ProgramData. You have to tell Windows to "show hidden folders/files". Inside is a DAZ 3D folder and inside of that is the content management services folder with the databases folder inside.

    I really can't advise if you only erase one of those files inside or the whole folder. I erased the whole database folder. Uninstalled DAZ Studio 4.5 and Content Management Service. Then reinstalled everything. But I may have gone overboard. At least that is what I remember. I haven't had a CMS crash since discovering what was causing the issue.

    Stella Blue

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