Psuedo Pen Control in Hexagon

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I'm out tonight working on location and discovered I left home without my mouse. Grrrr. I brought my Wacom Graphire tablet but I've discovered that Hexagon doesn't support it. It looked like I wouldn't be getting much work done tonight since working with the touchpad on my laptop is a pain for fine detail stuff, and it's kind of disappointing the the Wacom isn't supported.

But luckily I brought my android tablet with me too so I searched the app store to see if there was an app that would help me out. Downloaded an app called "Ultimate Control Agent" that lets you use the screen of an android device like a mouse. Using my tablet's stylus this almost gives me the same sort of control that I get from my Wacom (sadly no pressure), and a bigger work area than the Wacom has too since I have a 10" tablet. I'm quite pleased with the results of working with this in Hexagon.

In any case I thought I'd share this tip with everyone in case there are other people who prefer to do graphic work with a pen and are disappointed by lack of Wacom support.

I'm sure there must be a similar app for iPad users too.


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    I just knew Androids were going to take over the world :)

    Thank you for posting that information, I am sure it will help quite a few people out. Most people now have all sorts of mobile devices, and being able to connect them together is a real bonus.

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