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I installed GIS Orion Genesis male and Astral. I loaded the pants, tunic and bracers onto the figure. Now, everything else refuses to work. How can I get it to continue to work?

Update. It seems to work from the left side but not from the right.

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    what is the "everything else" that does not work?
    You mean other objects in scene don't function?

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    The other content, like the belt won't load. Then even the clothing that loaded wouldn't respond to the parameters tab. Also when loaded boots they would not attach to the character, even though I selected the feet and check in the scene tab to make sure they were selected.

    Actually I noticed the whole scene, GIS Orion, Orion lights, seven figures, some with hair, is really sluggish and erratic. To compensate, I turned off (closed the eyes) half of both Orion sets and selected wire frame for viewing. Is there anything else I can do to make this scene run smother?

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