Sparky's Store?

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BC Sparky (I think that was his name here) had a store that had gotten hacked. I purchased a few items from his store and loved them and was hoping he would get his store hacking problem fixed so I could get some of the other offerings. But then DAZ did their thing and lost track of his progress.
Anyone here know what happened to his store or how to reach him to find out? Does he still post here?


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    This the place you thinking of?

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    No it isn't. He had his own store and was creating animals morphs/MATS for existing animals (got his terrific goat set for DAZ Sheep) as well as great anthropomorphic creatures using Mil3 & Mil4 humans and MilAnimals. I wanted to get his M4 with MilHorse head set and a few others but he closed his store before I could.

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    Kemp Sparky, you mean?

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    Ahhhh...Yep! I believe he had a cool creature panting avatar...always loved that image!

    Oh Jesus! I am so dense. I did a search here...of course the obvious always escapes me...and found a thread by him. Sorry for bothering here. Now to his thread and store to see what's up! ;)

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    The panting bunny headed man covered in blood....that's the one. :)




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    Kemp Sparhy, advertising in the Commercial Forum

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