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Shader Questions
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Did you actually check the pages Omnifreaker put up on his site?...

Yes, I’ve been through them multiple times. The point you must have missed is that UberSurface2 is supposedly an extension on HSS so that the settings should transfer over, however they aren’t.

Part of the point of US2 was the total rewrite of the way subsurface scattering worked, which, as per Omnifreaker’s site, made the way artists previously had to combine translucency and the old version of subsurface not only unnecessary (ie you can use just Subsurface where before you had to use heavy translucence) but also would provide completely different results - the new US2 subsurface model is different, and produces different results.

IE the US2 subsurface settings and translucence settings are supposed to need adjustment from a HSS or US1 setting - the old settings are badwrongdifferent with the new model.

US2 isn’t just ‘adding new boxes’ to HSS. Some of the existing things had to change to get the improvements omnifreaker was looking for.

Well put Syndaryl. This is the thing a lot of folks don’t grasp that US2 is not a direct update/grade to US and some adjustments are required.



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