Configuring Dazstudio 4 like V3

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I looked and didn't find this. I like the classic way I configured Dazstudio 3. I have not found a way to make 4 look like the V3 interface. Is it possible to do?


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    The darkside plugin helps give DS4 more of a DS3 feel.

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    Were can I find the darkside plug-in?

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    Go to Window > Style > Select Style, and Darkside is one of the options. You can also use Preferences to have the tab names running along the top as opposed to down th side (vertical).

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    V3 is what people call Victoria 3. For DS version 3 it would be less confusing to say DS3.

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    The interface is 100% configurable. Just use Darkside and put the rest where you want it or open it when you need it. This is my DS4.5Pro, very DS3 like to me.

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