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I have a Poser - What is the Value of a PNU

HaslorHaslor Posts: 295
edited September 2012 in The Commons

Hello DAZ 3D Community,

Now that Mattymanx has done a little Poser work for me I need the answer to a Puzzler.

What is the Value of a Poser Numerical Unit.

I have seen 8ft, 8.6ft, 103.2 inches, one unit so many definitions.

So does anyone official know the answer to this.


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  • MattymanxMattymanx Posts: 4,534
    edited December 1969

    If you have Poser, you can load the cube and then go to the props library and there should be a + button for you to add it to your library.

    If you do not have Poser I will do that for you.

    There is also a method to do it in DAZ Studio using a plugin - PP2 Exporter:

  • HaslorHaslor Posts: 295
    edited September 2012

    THIS IS Request was completed by Mattymanx,
    Thank you for you assistance.

    The original Post, Moved here to free up the Top Spot:
    I have a Favor to ask of a Poser User.
    Don't worry it is very Simple.
    I want to send you a Cube.obj and I would like you to make it into a Prop.
    I want you to use the same process you would use for any OBJ imported from a 3D Modeler like Blender or Modo.
    The Cube I will Send you was Created in Hexagon exported as a OBJ file, Imported into Blender and then exported again as a OBJ.
    The Cube is perfect cube and it should load on the floor.
    Again all I would like you to do is Import it, and Export it as a PP2 file, which would be loadable in any current version of Poser or Studio.
    There is no texture with the cube, it is just the Cube.
    MAC OS reports the file is only 795 bytes.

    If you want to do this, respond here and then I'll PM you so I can send you the Cube.obj.
    I am thinking this is a fifteen minute task, but seeing I've never made a Poser Prop I'm not sure how long it will take.

    Thanks in Advance

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