How should I handle PA sales?

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So I'm not sure how to handle all of the constant sales and changes.

I purchase items and then that item is on sale; or it would be free with $100, which I've spent in the last couple weeks.

Should I just rt everything refunded that I've purchased over the last few weeks and rebut everything? Seems like overkill. Is there a traditional way to handle this kind of thing? Like, if you purchase 10 items and then those 10 items go on sale, should you return them all and repurchase?


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    If it's within the last 30 days, contact sales through Zendesk. (help>contact us up there on the header). Explain the situation, and what you want back (fastest service, in my experience, is to ask for Store Credit.) DAZ is generally very good about offering partial refunds when something goes on sale right after you bought it.

    As for the free with $100... I think that's $100 in one purchase.

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    Yup, you can get partial refunds for the difference in prices.

    And this latest deal is for $100 in one purchase, and the freebie item must be in your cart also.
    (The good news is that if you spend $100 in a purchase and then get that item as a freebie, you can get a refund on the one you paid for, assuming it was in the last 30 days)

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    Since your title mentions the PA should be clear that the free items daz is offering are only daz items, not PA items.
    So you would not get any of the pa sale items for free...only daz originals.

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    And there are only a handful of specific (older) products as freebie.

    Another issue - the PA items are only on sale for a day or so at the 50% off price, so if you bought stuff for 50% off even 3 or 4 days ago, even though there's now a "get a freebie" offer, are those items still on sale?

    A suggestion - never ever buy non-PA-sale PA items during PA sale month. Similarly, don't buy PC items at full price during PC anniversary month if you're a member. Wait till you see if they come on sale.

    If finances permit, I think buying the items at the new prices and then returning the old ones is a better option than asking for a partial refund based on the item now being cheaper (unless you plan to call on the phone RIGHT AWAY for the cost difference)

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