Changing Default Location for Libraries for Studio

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I have partitioned my hard disk, with a view to moving "most" of my data (as much as possible) from my installed programs to the second partition.

As part of this overall operation, I wish to move the DAZ Studio default installation library C:\users\...\documents\...\My Library to D:\users\...\documents\...\My Library..

This should extend to the point where if I am installing a new DS product the default library during the installation should point to the location in the second partition.

I could not find this in the preferences.

Any help appreciated.



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    No such animal: You need to point everything by hand. Prefs> Content Library>Content Directory Manager to set your new content path/s in DS. You will need to Point all installers to the new path at install time. Some will default to the last path used but always check never just assume.

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    That's usually a registry entry. It's not exposed in any preferences, but the next time you run an installer, if you select Custom, you should be able to tell it to go where you want and then that should (hopefully) update the location for future installs.

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    Jaderail said:
    Some will default to the last path used but always check never just assume.

    Several people have been bitten by this since D|S4.0 came out — the new version changed the default content location, but older installers didn't know about this. Anyone just clicking through "install with default settings" frequently ended up with the new files in the wrong place because the installer assumed the old default was still valid. Never install with defaults, always use the customise setting so you can see if the installer is actually about to put files in the right place.
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