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I recently screwed up and updated Zonealarm, after which I spent the day fixing it. It seems the new version of ZA is every bit as bad as what it is supposed to be protecting you from. When I installed it I opted out of the tool bar and home page, ZA installed the tools bars and hijacked my home page anyway. Every time I tried to rest my home page the next time I started my browser there was ZA again. So I uninstalled it and reinstalled the 2 year old version; no excess BS in it.

So I reset my home page in Firefox with no problem, the tool bars are gone, and ZA isn't try to block sites from my browser. But I can't get my home page back on chroma, I just can't find my preferences in it to fix it so I was hoping some one could tell me where chroma hides it's preferences?

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    For Chrome (version 21 on Mac OS X in my case) use the wrench icon top right on the main window to get to the "Settings" tab. In the tab I click "Settings" on the left hand side menu.

    Now it depends on whether you want your start-up page modified ("On Startup" section -> "Open a specific page or set of pages" -> "Set pages") or the home page via the "house" icon ("Appearance" section -> "Show home button" -> "Change").

    Edit: see also here:

    Home page ("House" icon"):
    Startup-up pages:

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    Thanks, that got it.

    It's aggravating that I seem to have to give up more and more apps. They seem to be getting as bad the problems they are supposed to fix. I had to give up adaware because it was trying to install it's own versions of malware/spyware. I use spybot and have for quite a while. It does it's job with out wanting to install tool bars and reset my home page.

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