Hexagon Symmetry Problems

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I've been having some issues with Hexagon lately.

For one thing, when I load Daz 3D I have to send the basic genesis figure to Hexagon and then delete it or else if I send anything from Daz to Hexagon the Hexagon software crashes. It's a little annoying but sending the basic figure seems to provide a work around.

But what's becoming truly annoying is anytime I select Symmetry I have a greater than 50% chance that Hexagon will crash if it's being used on anything other than the basic figure or a simple object. Is there some setting that will make the software more stable with symmetry?


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    You could try resetting the Preferences to default. Edit > Preferences > User Interface > Reset All Preferences to Default.

    Also in 3D Display in Preferences, you could set OpenGL Optimization to No Optimization, that can help sometimes, and perhaps try unticking Local Redraw?

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    Still no dice on the symmetry although I now no longer need to first send the default genesis figure in order to send to Hexagon.

    When I select symmetry it's now saying (Not Responding) on the top of the screen and the mouse pointer goes busy, then after about 30 to 45 seconds Hexagon resumes but there's no symmetry.

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    yeah I understand ,
    Hexagon freeze some(or many) times when work with full figure poligons
    (if you flip texture, and try invisible by surface group, you can not wait
    hexagon work finished I think,,)

    and If you use symmently the freeze happen more and more.

    and if use UV tools or soft selection,
    maybe after 20 steps or 30 steps.
    you must need save the file, then open the file again.

    my pc is not so old, and hexagon is so convinent and good 3d modelor,
    (I like hexagon,,) but he can not keep long working with many poligons I think,,,

    if daz version up hexagon, and more steady, I must buy it .
    not need free.

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