What are uni mesh fits

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The title is the question. Can someone explain to me exactly what these are, in simple terms of course.
Many thanks


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    Please don't put the question in the title only - it makes it much harder to read the post.

    Anyway, unimesh fits are morph expansions (a new figure file, but no OBJ so it won't work on its own) that add support for the add on fourth-generation characters (Aiko 4 and Hiro 4, Reby Sky and the Freak 4 etc.) to clothes that originally came with the base (M4 or V4) morphs only.

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    Does it mean it will work on DAZ Genesis Essentials Starter and V5 figures?

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    Not without being Autofitted the same as any Generation 4 clothing.

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    Okay, just to clarify.

    If I purchase a content made for V4/M4 just to apply them on Genesis. It'll be all I need.. Or do I still need to purchase Unimesh Fits to improve AutoFit capabilities?

    This will help me and the others understanding what is needed to purchase from the DAZ3D Store.


    Further digging in the forum for the answers. It turns out that Genesis will not need Unimesh Fits because it will use AutoFit technology. Most of 4th gen items already have autofitted enabled.

    Am I close? :o)

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    You don't need the Unimesh morph addons for content you are going to use with Genesis, they won't help but they won't be very useful (possibly having one of the morphs may help to fit an item that converts poorly, or for which the automatic morph generation to match Genesis morphs is poor, but that's fairly unlikely/rare).

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