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I have a problem with a scene and wonder if anyone has experienced anything like this or can identify what I may have done wrong.
Using the current CP8 beta, I have a scene with a short animation of a character I created. The character is rigged and has IK chains.
When I run the animiation, the figure performs correctly so I can see that the skeleton is attached to the mesh. Also, looking under the animation menu I see Detach Skeleton is available for selection.

I copied this file, using Save as, to another file. I ran the animation again to the end point (still working fine). I then move the markers so I can begin a new animation where the last one finished.

When I move the camera, or add a light, or add another object, the skeleton automatically detaches itself from the mesh. The animation menu now has the Detach Skeleton option grayed out.

I have used this same approach for other scenes and had no issues so not sure why I am having this problem now. I will probably end up rebuilding the scene as needed from scratch but before doing that, thought I would see if this strange behavior rang any bells with you more experienced users.



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    HI Dan. :)

    It's not something I've heard of,. but,. perhaps it's a group thing. ..Have you selected the Character and bones and made them into an animation group. ?

    Once you do that, you can drag the group and drop it into your browser to save the complete figure, then drop it into another scene.

    Hope that makes sense.

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    Thanks for the reply. Yes the character is an animation group. I will attempt saving the character, deleting him from scene and then re-add the one I saved. I'll see if that solves the issue.

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