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Hi!!! I want to save a whole scene, in C8 pro, and open the saved scene in Modo... I've tried in obj, and it's ok, I can save it, but once opened in modo, all the separated items are a single obj... is Collade useful, or there is a way to save in obj, but with separated items?.(of course, I can save successively all the items, but maybe there is a faster way)


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    HI Celmar :)

    Some of the answer depends on what options you have when Importing into Modo.

    For example: In Carrara, you have options to create separate objects (per group) and create separate polymeshes per shading domain, or material group.

    You can select and "Group" objects within Carrara, and export those as a single OBJ, then import those into Modo, ..but I don't know if Modo allows you to import Multiple OBJ's and then render.
    If so, you could load different groups , for example, the figure and clothes as one OBJ, and the background set as another OBJ.

    Hope it helps :)

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