Mimic configuration files .dmc copyright, redistribution etc

th3Digitth3Digit Posts: 16,663

there have been many threads on the lack of availibilty of .dmc files for many characters
the old site had a page where you could download them all
I have most if not all of those
so many have asked even for basic characters like M4 but I would not be prepared to break any rules by sharing them
I wish Daz would just pull their finger out and re-upload the page.

on the other hand, if you create a .dmc file from scratch using Mimic pro
can THAT be redistributed?
I would love some for many other characters, my attempts have not been so good
a freepositry others can add to would be an excellent idea
maybe some phoneme injection morphs for other figures like the Cow for Sockratease to accompany them too!

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