extra Genesis icon in smart content after installing 4.5

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I recently installed 4.5 on to my computer. I am seeing two genesis icons in my people section of smart content. How can I remove the one circled?

Also do I need to uninstall 4 32 bit since I am using 4.5 64 bit now? Are there any benefits to installing the 32 bit version of 4.5? my computer is a 64 bit machine so I rather use 64 bit when possible.

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  • adamr001adamr001 Posts: 22
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    right click on it and select "Removed orphaned file reference".

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    Could be one is the previous Genesis.dsf file and the other one the new Genesis.duf file. I have them both in my library as well.

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    I think you may need to uninstall ds 4.0.3 pro 32 bit ver too,
    if you use ds 4.5 ver

    because "ds 4 .0.3" and "ds 4.5" can not use same one cms (database)
    without trouble in one PC HD.

    when I tried to install 4.5 64bit RC ver with 4.0.3 32bit,
    many same orphaned files turn up ,and each pointer of dsf and duf mixed.
    so if I click some file, it could not load correctly.

    before I installed both of 32bit and 64bit of ds 4.0.3 and used them together,

    since 4.0.3 32 bit ver only have free rip-sync plug in.
    but about 4.5, I think 4.5 32bit ver have not free lip sync too,

    so if you use 4.5 64bit ver , you need not install 4.5 32bit ver I think.
    (but if you keep both , you can test them when met some trouble I feel)
    (if there are some better points about 32bit ver, I will install it too,,

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