Problem exporting Genesis from Daz using the 'Surface Names' under 'Write Groups'

telatela Posts: 0

I'm having a problem exporting Genesis, using 'Surface Names' under 'Write Groups'.
The problem is that when the figure is exported, the 'Skin Face' surface appears to be merged in with the 'Skin Head' surface, and a small part of what should be 'Skin Head' is left in a group all on its own. I've tried exporting with every variation of Resolution Level, Sub Division Level but always the same problem. I've checked using UV mapper and there is no group called 'Skin Face', just a large group called 'Skin Head'

The reason I'm using it this way is because I use ZBrush to repaint over an existing textures, but I can't do this because the groups are no longer correct.

The process works every time with the V4 in older versions of Daz and the one I'm currently using (
Am I making some stupid mistake or is there a problem exporting Genesis surfaces? It's definitely not a ZBrush problem, because UVMapper tells me and shows me that the Skin Head surface group has been altered in some way.

Thanks :)

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